JUNE 2016
Follow the amazing story of Mauricette. From stray dog on the beach of Poste Lafayette to spoiled, pampered dog in Paris. Mauricette has had the fortune (or great intelligence) to find this loving French family on holidays in Mauritius. She conquered their heart and, with the help of PAWS, was rescued and flown to her new home where she will never know hunger, fear or loneliness again. 

Visit the fantastic Tumblr page dedicated to her story: - wonderfully well written, full of love and humour, full of beautiful pictures. Thank you @PA Gillet and family for changing this doggie's life. 

Hope Springs Eternal

After roaming the streets of Grand Gaube, a dog was brought into PAWS The Vale shelter by a concerned volunteer. She was in a pitiful state and at first it was thought best to humanely euthanise her to end her suffering. In spite of all the abuse this animal had suffered, there was no anger, no bitterness, no reproach.

Without a word the decision was made to try to save her and we named her Hope. "Hope" for a better future for the many neglected, abused and suffering animals that PAWS has administered to for over the last decade. "Hope" that one day people would stop and see beyond the "ugliness" of these animals and see the true beauty within. After only 3 weeks of love, food and care, Hope became a new dog. She would interact with other dogs and humans and let bygones be bygones Hope was later adopted by a couple that has just got married. The husband adopted Hope for his wife, in his own words “to secure their marriage with eternal Hope...”

Hope certainly does spring eternal if you take the time to look for it and this is just one of the lessons we learn day by day at PAWS in our animal welfare mission. We welcome and invite the public to visit our refuges and meet these animals face to face. Come play with them, learn from them and if, like us, you feel their joy and gratitude, bring new hope for a better tomorrow into your heart...treat yourself by bringing one of them into your life and giving them a loving family. You won't regret it!

Bobby with his new family

Bobby came to us as a stray, picked up on Blue Bay beach. He was skinny, covered in mange. Days went by and no one wanted Bobby. He had put on weight and his coat had grown back.He had grown into a boisterous teenage dog. Then one day Bobby went to Vale for adoption day and was picked up there by a very nice family. They were warned that Bobby likes to chew and jumps on people, but they said OK, we don't mind and we want HIM!! And so they did..

The Story of Juliet

Juliet arrived at PAWS on the 12th of September. She was found in a very bad state by a tourist on the street. She had barely any hair on her body except come on spine like and a staff member called her Mohican at first. She was later called Juliet. The animal welfare team had to bath her three times a week due to her treatment and with socialisation, she slowly got out of her shell. After short period of time, she was transformed and her true beauty emerged. Last Saturday she stole the heart of a little boy and she left to start a new life. The PAWS team wishes her and her new family the very best.

Cookie and Patch

PAWS received a phone call about a young female dog who was found in Blue Bay and hiding in a garden. The PAWS team went to collect the dog who was then sterilised and kept at the refuge. Around the same time, a male dog was surrendered to PAWS- again he was sterilised and he stayed at the refuge. On the 5th of February, both dogs went to Le Caudan for Adoption Day and they found a lovely new home with Jess and Jon who have named the dogs Cookie and Patch. According to them, the dogs never cease to make them laugh and smile and both are inseparable, filling their days with play, food, walks and more play: )

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