PAWS Wish List

PAWS Biggest Wish at the moment is NEW VEHICLES ! 

We only have one vehicle per shelter and these are quite old and often need repair. We are unable to attend to rescue calls, we are struggling to help with transportation for distressed animals or owners who would like to visit the vet but have no transport. We know a lot of people get frustrated because we can't respond to calls but the truth is we badly need new vehicles to be able to go into communities, help, pick up distressed etc. 
As you know, these are expensive investments and we can't do them without help. 
Any donation towards new vehicles would be highly appreciated or if you can help us in any way, please get in touch. 

General Wishlist:

Here's a list of items we are always in need at both shelters: 

  1. Used towels, blankets, sheets
  2. Cat transportation boxes
  3. Children stack up chairs (for our in house education programs)
  4. Whiteboards
  5. Shop fittings (shelving, hanging racks)
  6. Feeding and water bowls
  7. Kettles
  8. Hosepipes
  9. Litter trays
  10. Dog beds
  11. Plastic containers
  12. OLD Newspapers (keep you old newspapers for us!)
  13. Of course, dog or cat food (also puppy or kitty food). Big bags of rice. 
  14. Good used or working computers or laptops.
  15. Washing machines / Fridges / Chest freezers. 
  16. Washing equipment (soap, disinfectant, laundry powder...) 

Don't be shy. You can drop them at one of our shelters anytime :) 
If you live far from the shelters, get in touch by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say what you would like to donate. We can help arrange transport with one of our volunteers. 

Any help, small or big, is appreciated! 
Thank you for helping and spreading the word around! 


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