Fostering of Animals

Why do we require volunteers to foster an animal?

  1. Sometimes our refuges are filled to capacity and we cannot take in any more dogs or cats. Volunteer fosterers agree to welcome surplus dogs and cats until we can find them homes
  2. Some dogs and cats do not enjoy a kennel environment and are more at ease in a home environment
  3. Some animals require special attention if they require medical treatment
  4. Sometimes newly-borns are brought to us (kittens and pups). As they require frequent feeding thoroughout the day and night, we place them in willing foster homes to be fed and for constant dedicated attention

Why foster an animal?

By fostering an animal, you are contributing to bettering the lives of dogs and cats in our care. We will:

  • give you advice on animal behaviour and welfare
  • provide the fostered animal with veterinary care
  • contact you frequently for a feedback on the fostered dog or cat

Why do I need to become a fosterer?

  1. Lots and lots of time, compassion and dedication
  2. Experience with dogs and/or cats
  3. Dog-friendly or cat-friendly pets at home
  4. A clean, stress-free and loving environment to welcome the fostered animal
  5. Be willing to part with the animal when the time comes
  6. Give us regular updates on the animal (phone or email)
  7. Able to nurse a sick or injured dog/cat back to health with our help 

What next?

If you are prepared to put in the time and the effort to become a fosterer, then contact us

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