Rescuing animals in distress

Despite the fact that PAWS rescued and treated more than 158,000 animals since 1999 we know there is still so much more to do. We need the help of volunteers to rescue animals in distress as if PAWS spent its time trying to find stray puppies, there would be no time left for the staff & vets to sterilise animals and prevent the birth of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, most of which would end up becoming strays.

Which animal in distress can PAWS attend to?

  1. An abandoned puppy or kitten that is too young to fend for himself
  2. An injured or sick animal that cannot run away when PAWS driver approaches him
  3. Any stray dog or cat that has already been caught by a volunteer

If an abandoned puppy or kitten which is found by a volunteer is not injured, we usually ask the person to keep the animal at his place for 1 or 2 days, until a PAWS vehicle is free to go and fetch it. PAWS do not take in strays but only animals in distress.

Example of animal in distress

This is the story of Lucky. A friend of PAWS called in and told us they had found a dog howling on a piece of wasteland in Coromandel. The PAWS team went to retrieve the dog and found her tied to a tree and left there to die. She was brought back to the PAWS refuge. Lucky was fed, given a bath, vaccinated and later sterilised . She was adopted after a few weeks by a nice family and finally got her second chance in life!

Help us save animals in distress

Help us rescue animals in distress by collecting dog or cat if possible, surrendering them to nearest PAWS shelter for treatment and sterilization. Your donation of Rs800 can save a distressed animal like Hope. Please give generously by clicking here


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