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Adopt your next pet, don't buy

Give a home to a rescued puppy or dog

Open your heart and your home to a rescued puppy, teenage or adult doggie. Our shelters have so many dogs of different sizes, colours and temperaments, all wanting one thing: to go home!

What dogs do we have?

We often get queried what breed dog we have at our shelters. Well we have the best breed ever: the Maurichien. A strong, intelligent and loving dog who can live up to 15 – 18 years. The Maurichien is a cross-breed, a mixed-breed or mutt, locally known as “roquet”. 

What we require from someone wanting to adopt?

We will ask that you have an enclosed yard, that you do not chain your dog (pas attache ou lisien), that you treat your adopted dog as a family member. That you provide:

  • at least 2 meals a day
  • a fresh bowl of water
  • visits to the vet when your dog is sick or needs check-up
  • lots of love
  • lots of care
  • that you spend time with your pet as dogs just want one thing: to be with their owners

Adopting a dog is a daily commitment for the next 15-18 years and you need to think carefully before adopting. If you are looking for a “cute puppy”, please don’t adopt. The “cute puppy” stage will last only 1-2 months.

How to choose your next dog?

When adopting, please think about your lifestyle. If you are an active person and you will take your dog/s for a walk often, you can go for an energetic doggie. If you are more relaxed, then a low-energy dog or a senior dog will suit you best. If you have cats, you should adopt a dog who likes cats.. don’t worry we can help you out when you adopt and direct you to a suitable doggie. We have so many gorgeous, smiling candidates wanting only one thing: to win you over! 

Where to adopt and what do you need to bring?

You can adopt at a PAWS shelter

We are open Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm for adoption. Closed Sundays and public holidays (though you can make prior arrangements if you want to adopt on a Sunday or a public holiday). Please come at least an hour before closing time, so you can choose your next pet. 

You have to bring an ID, fill in an adoption form, pay an adoption fee of Rs500 (that covers 1st vaccination + sterilisation of your pet). We will give you instructions on feeding times and what food to give. Please bring a blanket to put on your car seat as you will be driving home with your new pet.

Some of our puppies & dogs for adoption